“Cooking inspires people. People inspire us.“ The company NEFF is now implementing this core message behind its branding in an appealing way with a TV app, and with Smart TV offering new touchpoints to make the brand come alive. The app doesn’t show stereotypical models, but uses real people, who conjure up delicious dishes with passion and joy. In the spirit of NEFF founder Carl Andreas Neff: ”The person is at the heart of the kitchen, not the stove.“ With “Story Kitchen“ the app tells real stories, for example about a French cheese producer or a Welsh cattle breeder. Corresponding to each of the stories there are delicious recipes and atmospheric videos and images.

The NEFF TV App is also available in a retailer version for the point of sale. In this way, the company supports its retailers in an innovative way in placing products and features in the spotlight even more effectively, and showing devices in original size, which might otherwise not find a place in the limited space of the showroom. NEFF products in the app are integrated and come to life in real kitchen scenarios. Customers therefore rediscover the digital experience of the brand one-to-one at the point of sale.

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