Our TV app solutions

Premium TV app – Your gateway into the world of Smart TV

TV apps have already taken over the world of television. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Smart TV. With your own TV app, we offer you the chance to bring your topics and content to all the relevant Smart TV platforms in a customized, eye-catching format.

MEKmedia is the leading technology provider in Smart TV since 2007 with its own TV app framework for the development of Smart TV apps.

What’s special about our TV apps:

  • For all relevant Smart TV platforms
  • Cloud-based
  • Interaction between Smart TV and mobile apps
  • Available globally – multilingual – multi-currency capability
  • Detailed reporting and analysis

Fast, robust, secure, reliable – this is what our proven MEKmedia technology stands for.

Simply use existing videos, images or text from your website. Content is provided as before via your Content Management System (CMS) and reaches our TV app server via interfaces. Our TV app server then edits your content into a TV-compatible format using MEKmedia technology – suitable for all relevant platforms. The interfaces and features of the TV app are then developed according to your specifications. For this part, we are also happy to work in close collaboration with your design agency to achieve optimum branding consistency.

Premium Compact TV app – the quick and easy way to get on TV

The Premium Compact TV app is based on a standard template. This reduces production effort and that in turn saves time and money. There is, however, a wide range of features and designs allowing each customer to receive their own customized app – compliant with their corporate identity, of course. For even more eye-catching visibility you can embed videos and text messages. An image gallery is also available. A future version of the Premium Compact TV app also plans to integrate social media features like Facebook and Twitter into Smart TV.